New possibilities due to safety brake

Our self-driven cable carriages allow rope move on almost all stranded ropes. The new, coupling safety brake provides additional safety in extreme conditions and enables to move on fully locked ropes.

With our self-driven cable carriages, people can move on stranded ropes of cable cars and industrial installations – without a restraining rope, second person or additional device for securing. The various designs allow efficient and safe travel on almost all rope fields. As the heart of the equipment, the centrifugal brake regulates to a constant speed. In addition to the hand brake, a dead man’s brake provides additional safety.
Even under extreme conditions, such as wetness and frost, the use of our cable carriages must be unconditionally safe. In challenging circumstances, the newly developed, compatible safety brake ensures even more safety.

Further use on fully locked ropes
In addition to use on stranded ropes, other areas are constantly being needed. For example, it may make sense to use the suspension rope on aerial tramways, or a rescue on a zipline may become necessary. Up to now, our cable carriages have not been certified for these ropes. However, if they are upgraded with an safety brake, even fully locked ropes with a rope angle of up to 30° can be safely and efficiently negotiated.

18. April 2023
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