Quality policy

Safety in cable car technology is our core business. It goes without saying that, together with customer satisfaction, it is also the top priority for our products and services.

We place the highest quality demands on our work and our products, because our customers must be able to rely on them and on us at all times. With our ISO certification and our quality policy, we set a transparent, comprehensible benchmark for Immoos products in the field of safety and rescue systems.

Quality for us consists of

  • high quality materials,
  • clean processing,
  • constant quality at the highest level
  • certified products that comply with the applicable standards
  • reliable suppliers, mainly from Switzerland or European countries
  • fast and faultless delivery
  • clean documentation and
  • traceability

Quality is important to us because

  • the safety of the users of our products is paramount,
  • our products must be ready for immediate use in an emergency,
  • we focus on sustainability, and
  • we demand that our brand stands for highest quality.

Quality we measure

  • with precisely defined controls of incoming and outgoing goods,
  • with extensive field tests carried out by our employees,
  • based on the required certifications,
  • customer feedback, and
  • as part of our continuous improvement process.
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