Our guiding principle

In order to offer the highest quality, innovative products, strong solutions and competent advice, we set ourselves high standards. This is the only way we can maintain the consistency Immoos stands for.

We are a globally active family business based in Central Switzerland with a branch office in Vorarlberg, Austria. Since 1997 we have been developing, designing, distributing and servicing evacuation and safety systems. Immoos is not only a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality products in these areas, but above all a full-range supplier and service provider.

Our self-conception

We communicate the way we live our work and pursue our visions to the outside world – and thus strengthen Immoos as a competent, trustworthy brand. Every employee is 100 percent part of our company and thus assumes responsibility towards customers, partners and other employees.

Innovation as the driver

We drive the development and innovation of our products and solutions. The needs and feedback of users, customers and employees form the basis of our innovations. Our goal is always to increase safety, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness for users and passengers.

Creating trust through communication

As specialists for evacuation and safety, we are trusted partners for authorities, engineers and operators. Our communication is characterized by openness, honesty and transparency. We keep our word and communicate with customers, partners, competitors and our employees at eye level.

Appreciation as the foundation for success

Our most important asset and the foundation of our success are motivated and qualified employees. Immoos promotes their employees and offers a hand for professional and personal training and further education. We see ourselves as a team in which each member is of equal value and in which team spirit and mutual appreciation are lived.

Quality as a constant process

Our products will always meet the highest quality requirements and the applicable standards and laws. We strive to continuously improve our processes and ourselves as a company. We provide the necessary resources for the continuous improvement process.

Value through consistency

The decisive factor for our actions should always be customer value, never short-term profits. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable, long-lasting relationship with our customers. We achieve this by focusing on continuity in all our services – but also in our choice of partners and suppliers.

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