Behind the scenes: Our adventure at our image film production

Ready for a little adventure? We take you on a journey behind the scenes in our image film and give you an insight into our world.

The First Day – Inside the Workshop and Interviews with Florian & Sepp Immoos

Our first stop took us to the workshop, where we shadowed our Workshop & Warehouse Manager, Fabian Regli, in his work. We filmed the assembly of a self-driving cable car SS1 and conducted inspiring interviews with Florian Immoos, the owner, and his father Sepp Immoos, who has been with the company since forever and refers to himself as having “cable car blood.”

In the interview, Florian shared that he accompanied his father from a young age and knew from the start that he wanted to take over the company one day. Fulfilling this dream fills Florian with pride, and he is passionately committed to carrying on the company in the same spirit.

The Second Day – Sunrise at Stoos and Sunset at Rothenflue

On the second day, our team set off early towards Stoos. Guided by Marcel, the technical director of Stoos Railways, and his team, we traveled to Klingenstock on snowmobiles and snowcats. It was a unique experience as night turned into day, and the sky displayed the most picturesque colors. The majestic panorama we had the privilege to enjoy during filming was simply breathtaking. Here, we captured footage of our self-driving cable cars in action and passengers rappelling from the chairlift.

After a short break, we continued to Rothenflue. Here, we recorded impressive shots of the uphill journey with the EDS, filming passengers rappelling from the cabin and moving along the cable. The day concluded with a magnificent view towards Central Switzerland and a stunning sunset.

The shooting days were filled with impressive moments, and we are very pleased with the outcome.

A special thanks goes to the operators, employees, and technical directors of Stoos and Rothenflue Railways for making these shots possible, as well as to the Neighbourhood Productions team for capturing these great moments.

Here are some “Behind the Scenes” photos as a teaser – the film is coming soon!

12. September 2023
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